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Leaders in Training

Why join the J-Staff Program?

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As a part of the Jr. Staff your young person will be outside having fun, learning responsibility, completing tasks, growing spiritually and witnessing to others. They will be challenged to grow and mature by an experienced leadership team. The Jr. Staff program is intentionally designed to raise leaders for today and tomorrow. Below are the primary goals of the Jr. Staff program.

  1. BE SAFE, HAVE FUN- we seek to create a fun environment where Jr. Staff are physically are emotionally safe. We want to encourage them to grow spiritually, but recognize the importance of them experiencing their faith at the right pace and place.
  2. PRIORITIZE- we want the Jr. Staff to have fun and make friends, but we want everything to be a reflection of God's presence can call in our lives. God FIRST!
  3. GROW- we want our Jr. Staff to walk away from the summer more confident, spiritually stronger and with new skills.

There are variety of training events held each spring for Leaders in Training. See the Leadership section of the camp catalog for a listing of events. CLICK HERE for additional information.

To REGISTER for a Jr. Staff training click here

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