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Gifts are a vital part of our ministry! It would be our pleasure to help you with your gift.  We appreciate the opportunity to help individuals, churches or organizations with estate gifts, large donations and the smallest monthly pledges. Gifts in the last few years have made it possible for us to complete the construction of New Life and do so many needed projects to keep the grounds in great condition. We are excited in 2017 to have the chance through gift dollars to replace aging platform tents with a permanent structure at the Blue Heron Bay Outpost campsite. If there is a specific project in the list below that you would like information about you can email us at director@wesleywoodsiowa.org, if you are sending a check and want it to go to that project please just make a note on the check.

High Ropes Helmets and Harnesses
Each set of equipment costs approximately $80 and we are hoping to have 20 sets
Rock for the Roads
Yearly we would hope to spend $10,000/yr in maintaining rock on the roads throughout camp
Kitchen Equipment
Yearly we are replacing equipment and purchasing new items for outpost and main camp dining.
$1,200 yearly
Conversion to LED lighting
It would be great to start converting specific buildings at camp to LED lighting which would result in lower electric bills. We would for donations for the entire project (Total Cost - $18,738.40) or individual buildings.
Main Lodge- $6,745.40 Crestwood & Beacon- $672
Outdoor Lighting- $1,636.80 Timber Lodge- $310
Buxton- $930.80 Asbury- $215.40
12 Person Bunkroom
Cabins- $405
Office- $244.60
Gym & Shower house- $1,532.00 Equestrian Center- $6,046.40

John Woods Sears & Roebuck House
We would like to replace the sheeting and put on a metal roof.
Outdoor signage
Looking at adding signs for new buildings and replacing aging signs.
Methaqua Lodge remodel
Project would add hallway along the front of the building and elevator access to the basement from the main level.
New Office
The current office is in the basement of staff housing and isn’t accessible to folks with disabilities. We would like to build a new single level office designed to meet our office needs.
Farm Barn Remodel
We would rebuild the rooms, add windows, put concrete floor in the center of the building and add doors on the ends
Founder’s Lodge
This would be an adult friendly retreat lodge with semi-private rooms, dining service and state of the art meeting spaces.
1.75 million

Friends & Partners

Do you feel called to help support the ministry of Wesley Woods? Consider becoming a Friend or Partner of the camp. You can designate your gift to the site and specific projects.

Partners are financial supporters of the United Methodist Camping

  • Partners financial gifts will be used to provide trained staff, creative programming, needed maintenance, and other immediate needs. Quality experiences at our five Camp & Retreat Centers will be assured where the life changing presence of Jesus Christ is known.
  • Partners will receive information about the exciting ministries, personal stories and opportunities.
  • Partners feel a connection to and care for Camp & Retreat Ministry.
  • Partners pledge support for up to three years. Pledges/gifts can be designated for a particular site or be given for the total Camping Ministry.
  • Partners will be invited to a special “Celebration of Partners” event each year.
  • Payment may be by check, credit card, bank automatic debit or invoice. Matching employer contributions can be made with appropriate forms.

Friends provide leadership, share talent, and labor.

  • Friends feel a connection and caring about "their" camp. Friends can be individuals or families.
  • They can be church groups of youth, men and women. They can be young adults, college groups, or retired.
  • Friends will be invited to a special “Celebration of Friends” event each year

Potential projects might include:

  • adopting a cabin or horse
  • landscaping projects
  • helping with needed maintenance
  • leading an event
  • working in the kitchen
  • working with campers
  • sharing and promoting camping in your own church or district

Share with us how you would like to volunteer!

For more information on becoming a Friend or Partner of United Methodist Camping in Iowa visit the Camping Page of the
Iowa Conference Website.

Prayer List

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  • Full-time staff as they serve together in ministry.
  • Pray for our summer ministry team (College and High School students)
  • Pray for our participants in the Jr. Staff Program
  • Offer prayers for the weather
  • Pray for those that are ill or hurting
  • Families devastated by addictions and the economy.
  • Campers and their families
  • Retreat Guests and their daily lives
  • For the changing of seasons and opportunity
  • For the stories of lives changed by summer camp
  • For the Retreat Guests that are here
  • Joy for those that reconnect or continue to connect with God while at Wesley Woods
  • For God moments when the impossible become the probable
  • For health and love