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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any extra fees associated with my children’s camps?

No. The fees listed in the catalog cover the expenses for the camper. The only exception is with our family camps where fees are based on lodging used, as listed in the catalog.

How Do I Get My Kids Signed Up?

You can register through the camp catalog or through the conference website. Catalogs will be sent out late January or early February. Call if you would like us to mail you one.

What do campers eat? Is there a snack shop?

No snack shop, but campers will be guaranteed two snacks daily on top of three regular meals. Outpost campers will cook breakfast and supper over the camp fire and go to the main lodge for lunch daily.

Can I request a bunkmate?

Yes! In the registration forms there is a place to request one bunkmate. Any other requests we will try to honor but it is dependent on lodging and cabin space.

How Do I Get to Your Camp?

Please don't go to google or mapquest on your own they are WRONG! We are south of Des Moines and South of 92. Follow R63 to Nixon Street and turn left (Turn onto Nixon where the paved road ends). Click here for directions.

Are Scholarships available?

Our philosophy is that money should never be a reason a child doesn’t come to camp. Scholarships are offered on three different levels. Most local Methodist churches have a program for helping with camp costs. Also we have scholarships through the conference. If you are in need of a scholarship contact your local church. If you don't have a local church we can assist you with obtaining conference camperships. The third level is that Wesley Woods is committed to getting every child to camp who wants to come, so we will FIND a WAY.